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Our volunteers are essential to our operations.  Each of them fulfills a role that contributes something of great importance to  NeighbourLink.  Without them, it is impossible for us to provide the degree of care and service that our callers deserve.
There are many ways to serve through NeighbourLink, for example:

office phone volunteer

be your church co-ordinator

bed pick up and deliver

provide local rides to medical appointments
doing yard work or small maintenance/repair jobs
friendly visits to seniors

grocery shopping

delivery of small items

knitting and sewing items needed

One of the best things about NeighbourLink is that it gives us the chance to be a meaningful part of our community through love in action, education and advocacy.  Working together with Christians from many different denominations allows us to be the extended arms of Jesus.  Acting on our Statement of Faith, The Apostles Creed, by doing the basics of loving God and loving others.  If you maybe interested in becoming a volunteer please fill out the form below.  Our Director will get in touch with you.