NeighbourLink has a long waiting list of people needing beds and our storage room is empty. There are families who are currently sharing one bed who have called NeighbourLink looking for a bed for their children. We even know of some adults who are sleeping on the floor or a couch right here in Sarnia-Lambton area because they don't have a bed.

YOU can help someone get a good night sleep by

helping NeighbourLink in 3 different ways:
1. .Donate a gently used bed (must be stain and rip free)
2. Tell your family and friends NeighbourLink is looking for donations of gently used beds who will give the beds to someone in need for free.
3. Donate your time on June 8th to help collect the donated beds.

Call NeighourLink at 519-336-5465 and tell us how YOU CAN HELP.
Thank you!


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